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CHARM, Skin & Hair Care Organic and Chemicals Free Products for you to Shine and Charm

Prickly Pear Seeds Oil Face Night Cream 50 g

46.58 USD
VAT Inclusive


Night cream enriched with prickly pear seeds oil and vitamins C, E, B, K in addition to antioxidants which fight against skin wrinkles and nourishes its inside layers, increase its elasticity and hydration.

Its content of arbutin is effective in rejuvenating cells, removing top layer of dead skin and exposing a new layer of skin that is free of problems and its content of Glutathione is effective in removing all of pigmentations & acne marks

This product:

Alcohol Free

Fragrance Free

Paraben Free

Mineral Oil free

How to use:

Apply nut dose of Charm Prickly Pear Night Cream on your face and massage for few seconds doing small circles to help your skin absorb the cream. Let the cream rest over the night


For external use only avoid reaching eye. To be stored out children reach. Store at room temperature

46.58 USD
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